Car detailing in Melbourne

With years of experience and by using the latest innovations and technologies, I’m here to restore that new look and feel of your vehicle through car detailing. I, as a car detailing specialist ensure that you and your vehicle receive the best service and results possible, the additional time, knowledge, experience and products required for automotive detailing, is the difference between your old car being clean, and your old car being transformed to its original 'New Car' glory and therefore, retain more resale value.  My passion of automotive detailing drives my high standard of quality in both the overall result and the products that I select to use in order to achieve a high standard and effective car detailing in Melbourne. As a result, I am an accredited approved Gtechniq coating technician. Get in touch today for more information.


Mobile Car detailing 

Mobile car detailing is the pure offering of detailing your car in depth at your home or work. I’m equipped with the latest self-contained units which can practically leave no trace but a shiny and sparkling car.


What a car detailing service will include?

 There are a number of processes and stages involved in car detailing when you have your car professionally detailed. In this offering your interior and exteriors of your vehicle is cleaned and maintained.

Paint Care

The first step in car detailing is the paint care. Your vehicle’s paint is a delicate component of it and therefore requires a professional care. There are 3 steps involved at this stage. I first start with properly washing and drying your vehicle’s painted exterior. This process will help us to remove any dirt or grime. The next step is the clay bar application. Applying clay bar will remove any possible contaminants in the clear coat including, industrial fallouts, metal particles, dirt and tar. The next step would be to remove any marks and scratches through polishing your vehicle’s paint if required and the final step would be to apply protective coating of choice which, not only helps the paint to shine but also protects it against extreme weather conditions as well as any marks and scratches.


Wheels and Under Guards

Next I start with your car’s wheels and under guards. I cover your plastic splash guards and inner fender liners with a plastic protectant. I then, first wash your wheels and tires before covering them up with a plastic protectant. Once that’s all done I then start cleaning your under guards, wheel wells and major suspension components including your anti roll bars as well as control arms.


Headlights, taillights and Exterior Trim

The next step in car detailing is to apply polishing to your headlights and taillights that are showing signs of oxidation. Once done I then start cleaning chrome trims as well as any plastic or vinyl trims and then apply protectant in order to increase their resistant against cracking and fading. In addition, I also clean your exhaust tips as part of our car detailing services.


Vacuuming, steaming, cleaning and Extraction

I start with shampooing and steam cleaning of all your car’s interior components including all carpeting and seating surfaces as well as the trunk area. Next is cleaning and conditioning of all plastic and vinyl components as well as all the leather components. My conditioning solutions are not only helps your car’s interior components to shine but will also, protect them against UV and possible cracks due to extreme weather conditions.


Engine Bay

Cleaning up the engine is an important aspect in car detailing. We start with lightly misting the engine with water, then using degreaser I clean all the components of your engine before rinsing and drying it properly. We then use special formulated products on all of the silicone, plastic and rubber components in order to protect them from cracking.