Paint Correction ( Cut and Polish )

Cut and polish is an advanced method of paint correction using high end compounds, polishes and cutting & finishing pads, where your existing paint is rejuvenated using an advanced, compound and polishing system .Paint correction (cut and polish) is used to remove and refine the paints surface of scratches, swills and holograms. It also makes your vehicle exterior to shine and looks brand new. Then your car is polished and given a classy look.


How often Should I polish my car?

When regularly maintained with the right washing, drying and finishing products, you won’t need to polish your car again. Any scratches, swirls or holograms that do come up for washing please consult myself, Brett Hamilton and I can organise a free onsite quote to inspect and rectify. My paint correction services are to quality standard with professional experience and modern techniques and products, gives a quality service and finish.