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Want to know what you can do to maintain and extend the protection applied to your car in between having it professionally detailied? Below are my tips and hints to help you get the most out your 'life new' car surfaces!

Top Tips For Cleaning Your Car

  • Use a good bucket with a grit gaurd when washing the body and wheels of your vehicle.
  • Wash the body of your car using a good quality lambswool wash mit.
  • Use wheel washing brushes to properly clean your wheels.
  • Ensure that you use a Ph neutral car wash detergent.
  • Always dry off any excess water from the body of your car when you are finished; don't leave it to dry in the sun itself.

Equipment To Use

different types for different coatings etc Wheel Cleaner MicroFibre Drying Towels Microfibre Towels & Spray Detailer for finishing off your car once washed Interior - Microfibre towels, wiping over, dressing to finish off interior, brushes to get into nooks and crannys if Vacuuming doesnt get all dust etc Window Cleaner Tyre & Plastic Dressings - to give a finished look after your Wash & Dry.

Step-By-Step Car Care Maintenance Procedures

Basic Wash/Dry Procedures:

  • Wash using 2-3 bucket method (2 buckets for washing body, 3rd for washing wheels)
  • Hose Vehicle down first with either hose or pressure washer,preferably  the later as removes a lot of dirt and grime etc from body,wheels etc.
  • Have a good ph neutral car shampoo/wash and 2-3 buckets, 1 bucket for wash and the other rinse. other wash bucket for wheels with same car shampoo/soap.
  • Wash Vehicle starting from tops and work your way down, wash 1-2 panels at a time  rinsing off lambswool/microfibre mit in rinse bucket then use more soap out of wash bucket.
  • Hose off panels after washing, and continue to wash the whole vehicle. 
  • Wash wheels with a good spray wheel cleaner and agitate dirt,grime and brake dust etc with wheel brushes wheel mits etc. Hose off all remaining wheel cleaner and wheel soap.
  • Check whole vehicle to make sure everything is wash and ready for drying.
  • Dry vehicle with good microfibre drying towel starting from top working you way down being gentle enough just to pull water off the vehicle and not  scratch it. ( being rough will only result in scratching and marring your vehicle and the having to get the scratches fixed and costing you more money.
  • Depending on what coating you have on your vehicle you can use a finishing spray,quick detailer or there might be a certain product that goes with the coating that is on your vehicle. Try to use a new plush microfibre cloth folded into 4’s and gently Panel by panel spray 2-3 sprays and massage it in until product is steak free leaving a deep glossy  vehicle  to admire!
  • You can do other steps to finish off your car to give it that WOW! look, a good tyre dressing  to coat and protect your tyres, use with a goof foam tyre applicator, 1-2 coats will be sufficient depending on level of gloss your hopeing for.
  • You can also use this on other parts of your vehicle such as: plastic underguards, and all other non painted plastic parts. dress with preferred applicator leave for a min or 2 and then wipe over with a microfibre cloth.
  • Clean the glass as needed depending on if glass is treated with glass coating or not, but a good glass cleaner (no ammonia) can be bought through the Waxit website or myself. Basic spray on desired cleaner wipe with 1 glass cleaning cloth and the wipe off straight away with another glass cleaning cloth. (Inside and Out)
  • Give your interior a good vacuum dust and wipe down (using a clean micro fibre cloth) and a finishing spray can be use to to give that extra bit of WOW! and dress to compliment!
By doing this regularly it will make your vehicle look amazing, maintenance a breeze and if you ever come time to parting or ready to update to your next machine, your TRADE IN price could be a lot more than you thought!! :)
But if you have any questions at all,big or small about detailing or cleaning your vehicle don’t hesitate in contacting me, id be happy to answer and give you the best answer possible.


All products used to maintain your vehicle can be purchased online or in person from WAXIT Car Care.

34B Trade Park Drive, Tullamarine 3043, Victoria.

03 93302177 INFO@WAXIT.COM.AU

Any products you have purchase can be demonstrated to you and explained how they are used to keep your vehicle looking its best!

                                      Cheers all!  Brett Hamilton

                                                         Attention Two Detail